Humans have been painting and adorning their bodies for as long as we have been painting on cave walls. We have decorated our bodies to worship our Gods, prepare for war, encourage fertility, mourn our dead, protest injustices or pay homage to a favorite team. Today, the cosmetics industry represents a multi-billion dollar market.

Every image here is completed from start to finish in one session, then photographed and washed away forever. It is only through the camera lens and you the viewer that body art is sustained. As a canvas the body brings the art to life in a convergence of imagery and spirit. The result of which is a powerful transformation of self, a perspective shift of beauty and the presentation of the familiar in an unfamiliar form.

The models are nude or mostly nude but the images captured are meant to present the beauty of the body as living art. It is my hope that you will enjoy the visual presentation but more so I hope the energy present at the intersection of art and spirit will stir your thoughts and emotions.

Transformation: a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance.

Welcome to Lucid Art Dreams. Join me on a journey to art and the exploration of expressive freedom and transformation.