Here are some frequently asked questions. Don’t see yours answered, send an inquiry and lets discuss.

  • Q: Do I need Experience? A: No, experience is not required.

  • Q: Will I be paid? A: This is a per basis consideration, lets connect and discuss your interest.

  • Q: Do I get to keep the pictures? A: Yes, you will have access to all final images.

  • Q: Do I have to be nude? A: No, clothing coverage varies and is based on model comfort and overall design.

  • Q: Is the Make-up skin safe? A: Yes, I use professional grade make-up that is skin safe but we will always test before starting.

  • Q: Will we be alone? A: No, typically not. Body art takes a lot of time and most often I will have an assistant or a photographer present to help with the process.

  • Q: How long will it take? A: The duration will be determined on the amount of the body we are covering and the level of detail.

  • Q: Do I have stand the whole time? A: No, you will spend time laying down, sitting and standing... And no you don't have to hold still the whole time.

  • Q: Do All pictures get posted? A: No, not at all and this is a per case consideration as well. Art can be created for a private collection and not be posted to social media or posted on the web.

  • Q: Can I speak to past models or get references? A: YES! I take great care to provide a safe, respectful and memorable experience and am Happy to share references.

Fill out the form below and let’s start with a conversation and discuss your interests, questions, the process and design ideas. Body Painting is an amazing expression of art and the experience offers a unique transformation of self throughout the process. It can be empowering and allow the wearer, and the viewer to see themselves as never before. The human body and its spirit are a beautiful medium and most models choose to be nude unless the setting and display of the art requires otherwise. The experience and presentation is a respectful one and care is taken to show that beauty without offering an image that is too revealing.

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