Mark Mast

Meet the artist

I’ve been comfortable calling myself many things these 47 years… Wrestler, cross-fitter, triathlete, coach, teacher, entrepreneur, son, husband, father, lover, friend, explorer, plant whisperer, pet dad, strong, weak, masculine, feminine, toxic, caring, destructive, treacherous, loving. A constant work in progress... Human.

My journey to art has been an indirect one. Over the past five years I have dabbled here and there with different mediums, different paints, unfinished projects, and ever changing ideas.

I've struggled for some time to think of or call myself an artist and it is with even greater hesitation that I share my art with you now. If you're reading this however, I have gotten past my trepidation and published the site... So thank you to those of you who supported and encouraged me along the way. For you the viewer I am grateful for your time and visiting my site.

Lucidity, clarity of expression; intelligibility

I believe time spent with family, friends and loved ones are some of the most treasured moments of our lives. Tomorrow being an uncertain variable I encourage you to seek the moments of your life that fill you with joy.